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One of the things the Internet excels at is collecting anonymous feedback. Ask anyone who’s posted a video on YouTube about this and they’ll tell you that people have no problem speaking their mind.

If you want to channel this anonymity and gather feedback on what friends really think about you, SayAtMe gives you the chance to do just that. Create an account on this site and people can tell you what they think about you with no risk of you finding out who they are. You’ll be given a URL you can share with friends, and they can give you honest feedback about yourself.

gather feedback

The idea here is people will tell you things about yourself they’d otherwise be embarrassed to tell you. Maybe it’ll be that your swearing bothers them, maybe it’ll be that you leave a mess when you stay over, or perhaps that you have a drinking problem that needs to be dealt with. Point is your friends will be friendly and point out ways you can become a better person.

Of course, as anyone who’s posted a video on YouTube can tell you, anonymity can turn otherwise nice people into jerks (see Internet Dickwad Theory). You’ll probably run into at least some of this, so while you might learn a lot you should probably take what you find out with a grain of salt.


  • Give people the ability to anonymously critique your personality.
  • Receive a URL you can send people to collect feedback.
  • 20 second sign-up among the fastest I’ve ever seen.
  • Similar tools: Failings and SpeakingFaces.

Check out SayAtMe @

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