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Mothers require an organized way of managing their daily tasks, scheduling events, and keeping everything in check. Managing all that on paper can be very inconvenient. Here to provide an online friendly interface for this purpose is an app called Save The Mom.

daily organizer planner

Save The Mom is a web service that helps mothers organize their daily tasks and routines. Basically the site provides you with a friendly online interface that helps manage events, appointments, and other important tasks. The site is helpful not only for mothers but for all members of the family as everybody can stay in touch and get to see the family schedule on their computers or smartphone devices. Apart from such a joint calendar and schedule, the app also lets you easily create and manage lists.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets mothers manage their family’s schedule.
  • Lets family members easily check up on important family dates and events.
  • Lets you create and manage lists.
  • Offers smartphone apps.

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