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As trivial as it may seem the amount of time spent on filling forms or login details in a year may be well above several hours, so why not to save this time by automating the process. Most of the browsers already have ‘remember this login’ option, however after recent firefox 2 flaw, I really don’t feel like using it anymore. Below I reviewed 2 free ‘form filling’ tools which can handle auto fill tasks quite well, and at the same time keep your info secure and encrypted. Regardless of how often you need to type in your details, whats’ the point of doing it manually?

(1) Sxipper (no longer online)

Form filling software and Password Manager A firefox Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Firefox - The Recommended Web Browser Read More plugin that let’s you automate the process of filling out sign-up/registration forms. With the amount of websites I check out on a daily basis, it’s definitely one of my favorite tools at the moment.

How does it work?

  • 1. Download and install plugin
  • 2. Complete 1-2 min setup process.
  • 3. Try it out with sxipper
  • 4. Done!

Afterwards every time you land on a website with a form, sxipper will trigger a pop-up asking if you want it to ‘sxip’the form. Once you press ‘sxip’ button, it will instantly show the data it’s about to fill in and also let you know if there are any mandatory fields that sxipper has nothing to fill with. Once completed it will use these details to fill in login forms as well.

As you browse web, sxipper will pop-up everytime you stumblepon a web form. It’s unobtrusive and won’t stop you from doing whatever you want and can be ignored. If you find it annoying you can always turn it off. Overall it’s a pretty useful form filler and on top of it, a totally free one. (Note: All information sxipper stores (i.e. name,surname, email, etc) is encrypted and stored in your Firefox profile, only keeps your username and email.)


(2) Roboform

Free form filling Tools Another similar but much more powerful password manage and form filling software is Roboform. It can literally log you into any of your user accounts with a single click on your browser toolbar. I have used it for a long time and totally enjoyed it, it’s a little more complicated and takes some time to get used to, but totally worth it.

Although, if you’re a fan of ‘for dummies’ book series and like things simple than I would recommend starting with sxipper.

Unlike Sxipper, Roboform’s free version lets you store only up-to 10 passwords. it’s not much, but should be enough for such accounts that you access on a daily or hourly basis. Otherwise, full version costs $ 29.95.

Alternatively, you may check out some of the online password managers: Clipperz and PassPack


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