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VoipBuster – IP telephony or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is one of the fastest developing parts of web. Its huge popularity and high adoption rates can be attributed to extremely low calling rates. You can call landline, mobile, PC and even send SMS at 1/10’th (if not more) of what it would cost using traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) phones.

There are many VoIP providers out there (Skype, VoipBuster, …) each with its own features and pricing models. After going through a bunch of them I came to conclusion that VoipBuster is the cheapest one. It’s by far cheaper then Skype, upto 2.5 times in some cases and has same (if not better) voice quality. To start using it you have to install VoipBuster software and register on

To call someone you’ll need speakers and a microphone, in case you don’t have either of them, you still can use VoipBuster through your landline telephone. For that simply open VoipBuster client and go to ‘direct call’ option. Once there, 1. enter your landline number, 2. enter destination number and 3. press call. VoipBuster will try to connect these two numbers and within 2,3 seconds your landline phone should ring. You will need to pick up the phone and wait for the other side to answer. Please note, when using this option your calling rates will be higher.

VoipBuster Features

  • Free PC to PC calls (VoipBuster accounts required).
  • When calling from PC to mobile or landline the following rates apply (much cheaper than skype.)
  • All landline calls to these countries are free (some balance deposit required). Otherwise, free calls are still possible but limited only to one minute per call.
  • Free inbound local number: Users can get a number from voipbuster which looks and functions exactly like a normal local landline number. People from any type of phone can call this number and pay local calling fees. Coolest part about it, is that user can receive calls on that number regardless of his/her location. [Ex. Joe lives in New York and has inbound number. Joe goes to study abroad to Germany. Joe’s friends in NYC call Joe’s local number and Joe’s PC rings somewhere in Germany. Joe picks and they start talking. Joe’s friend pays only NYC local calling fees and Joe himself pays nothing.]
  • No expiry date on the deposited credit. Prolong it for as long as you want.
  • Direct calling: An option to use landline telephone handset.
  • Good quality connection.
  • Line ‘Hold on’, ‘Call History’ and ‘Chat’ options.

Overall, I think it’s really cool service which can save you considerable amount of money. It’s especially useful for making long distance calls. Try it out, it may be not as feature abundant as Skype, but definitely offers a better deal when it comes to money.

  1. Ismail Khan
    January 31, 2008 at 4:26 am

    Alam-o-Alkoum! how can i recharge my account

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