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best youtube videosHave you ever found it difficult to find a quality video on YouTube? There’s a lot to sift through, especially when you consider the fact that around 25 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. In case you’re counting, it would take you approximately 1,700 years to watch those several million videos.

The lovely people from Uncrate–one of my favorite sites on the Internet–have developed a simple solution in an attempt to curb this problem. They’ve created a website called Devour, which features only the best YouTube videos.

In this article, I’ll expand on why you should check out Devour, highlighting some of the key features behind the site. So the next time you find yourself on YouTube looking for good comedy vids The Top 10 Stand-Up Comedy Videos On YouTube The Top 10 Stand-Up Comedy Videos On YouTube Read More , science experiments 5 Cool Science Experiments You Should Check Out On YouTube 5 Cool Science Experiments You Should Check Out On YouTube Read More , educational talks The Five Best Educational YouTube Channels The Five Best Educational YouTube Channels Read More or other high-quality videos to download on your iPhone 3 Free Ways To Download YouTube Movies To Your iPhone (& Other Mobile Phones) 3 Free Ways To Download YouTube Movies To Your iPhone (& Other Mobile Phones) Read More , you won’t have to wade through a bunch of videos that suck How To Make YouTube Videos That Don't Suck How To Make YouTube Videos That Don't Suck Read More .

What’s the Idea Behind Devour?

best youtube videos

The idea behind Devour is simple, to create a relaxed environment where you can enjoy the highest quality YouTube videos. On their homepage, you will find an array of different videos each day with brief titles giving you an idea of what they are.

In case you were wondering what the criteria was for video selection, here’s a quote from the website describing how they pick their videos:

Using a scientifically technologically artificially intelligently awesomely robotically humanly system (we hand-pick every video on the site), Devour sifts out the best videos and posts the well-curated collection every weekday. Fewer cute kittens, fewer skateboarding nutshots, fewer tween heart throbs, and lots more awesome.

As I’ll point out below, Devour’s core features are meant to keep the user in mind.

What Features Does Devour Offer?

the best rated youtube videos

The first thing I should tell you is that the majority of the videos on Devour are in HD. When you click on a video to watch it, you are taken to a page where the video takes up almost the entire screen. Already this is a great way to view YouTube videos, don’t you think?

the best rated youtube videos

Below the video you’ll find a very short description, accompanied by buttons to share the video on Twitter and Facebook. Also, every video on the site plays on the iPhone and iPad, so if you want to catch awesome videos on the go, you can do that as well.

There are no video comments on the site. This is done on purpose so you can “enjoy the peace and quiet of not having to wade through all the brilliant critiques from this great nation’s junior high masterminds.

Next to the sharing buttons on each video’s page, there is a Comment on this video button, which directs you back to YouTube.

best youtube videos

At the top of the page you’ll find a few options, one of which is a Customize link. This simply lets you change the background of the site to suit your viewing needs. You can keep the site background white, black or put up a brick wall or paneling. The ability to change the grid layout of the page to display videos differently is “coming soon”.

Devour also has channels you can pick from if you have specific types of videos you’re more interested in viewing. Channels include comedy, tech, travel, games, food, music, movies, commercials and more.


In conclusion, Devour is an easy to use, minimalistic site that I think is a great place to find high quality video content.

If you don’t feel like checking the site every day to catch all the latest video additions, you can subscribe to get them delivered to your inbox every morning.

What do you think of Devour? Will you be checking it out or are you going to stick to YouTube’s search?

Image Credit: Sergej Khakimullin

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