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Did you know that some people only buy apps when they’re on sale? Regardless of your buying habits, you can save a bundle with this week’s pick of iOS app sales.

Find more points of interest faster than ever before with Localscope, a geolocation aggregator that scrapes Google, Facebook and more – reduced from $3 to free this week. Also on offer is the Plex mobile app, something from Hipstamatic and a unique experience from the creators of World of Goo.


Localscope ($2.99, now free)

Ever get sick of looking for things because everything is spread across a myriad of mapping services and geographical social networks? Localscope aims to solve this issue by aggregating a huge range of sources into the one app, creating in essence what must be one of the most populated geographical discovery tools. All the big ones are there – Google Maps, Facebook, Foursquare and more – plus a range of focused services like Yelp, ParkMe and Panoramio.

Sunrizer Synth ($9.99, now $2.99)

Of all the synthesizers available for iOS, Sunrizer still stands proud among the best of them. The app uses supersaw emulation (as per the legendary Roland JP-8000) to create a layered sound of detuned saw waves, among other oscillators modelled on real analogue hardware. It comes with full support for CoreMIDI, AudioBus, Inter-App Audio and the ability to record and copy sounds to your clipboard. It might be getting on a bit, but it’s still kept up to date and very much worthy of the full price, let alone this reduced offer.


Cinamatic ($0.99, now free)

The developers who brought us Hipstamatic have been busy at work on their next big app, Cinamatic which is currently Apple’s App of the Week. Shedding its dollar price tag until Wednesday, Cinamatic is all about recording, editing and sharing short films directly from your device. You can share directly to Instagram and Vine, with films ranging from 3 to 15 seconds. Being Hipstamatic, you can process your video to give it a stylised look or upgrade to Cinamatic Pro for more tools.

Plex ($4.99, now $2.99)

We love Plex here at MakeUseOf. The stylish media streaming solution can be downloaded completely free of charge then used to view your media through your television, from a remote computer and now through your iOS device. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a streaming solution no matter where you are using this app. Support developers, get remote access to your media or control your current setup – and if you haven’t got a current Plex setup, there’s never been a better time.

Pocket Anatomy ($14.99, now $0.99)

Want to see what you’re really made of? Download the $15 Pocket Anatomy for a dollar this weekend and find out. It’s the perfect learning and reference tool, whether you’re still in school or simply curious about human biology. The app features a full 3D model of both the male and female human bodies, with 100,000 words of detail anatomical content, 11 layers of musculoskeletal, neurovascular and internal organs and plenty more I can’t fit into this description.


Little Inferno HD ($4.99, now $0.99)

The developers of Little Inferno describe it as “an adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace” so you’d be right for thinking that a rather unique gameplay experience awaits. Experimental Gameplay Group have had success in the past with World of Goo, and Little Inferno has managed to attract similar levels of acclaim. The idea is simple: burn everything. And keep burning it, right to the end.

Lost Toys ($1.99, now $0.99)

If you enjoyed the sort of 3D realism puzzles found in The Room and its sequel, Lost Toys is probably your kind of game. Toys have been lost, broken and forgotten and it’s your job to restore them to their former glory using intuitive touch controls. Rotate, manipulate and investigate each beautifully modelled item and undo your progress quickly by tapping the red circles. There are two modes of play and no timers, points or scores – just 3D puzzling goodness.

Breach & Clear ($3.99, now free)

Did you enjoy X-COM? If tactics and planning are your thing, Breach & Clear is a satisfying deep tactical strategy game. Build a squad of special operatives, carefully plan missions and then execute them, Rainbow Six-style. There’s a big emphasis placed on realism, with real weapons and squads to choose from, genuine door-breaching techniques and all the tactical openness of a Tom Clancy shooter.

Liberation Maiden ($2.99, now $0.99)

With a name like that, Liberation Maiden could only fit into a handful of Japan’s favourite genres – this time it just happens to be the humble 3D shooter. The game features triple-A production values, with beautiful graphics, an original score, and the sort of addictive, frantic arcade shooting that is so popular in Japan.

Puerto Rico HD ($4.99, now $0.99)

Board games are great, and board games on the iPad are sometimes even better 11 Free iPad Board Games You Shouldn't Miss 11 Free iPad Board Games You Shouldn't Miss Read More (though purists will probably disagree). Puerto Rico HD is another example of a paper board game going digital, complete with single, local (pass and play or locally connected) multiplayer and online play. The game is all about resource management and establishing a prosperous settlement in the wake of Spanish colonialism.

Did you grab a bargain this week? Check back next weekend for more iOS app sales!

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