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GetSatisfaction is one of a kind service that aims to create universal tech support. Basically, it’s a user-powered community consisting of tech enthusiasts, company representatives and people looking for tech support. At the moment it lists about 400 companies and service providers like Google, Yahoo, Nintendo, Twitter, etc. Got a problem with Gmail ? iPod? or maybe an accounting question? Ask it to the company! In addition to qualified help, get free replies from other community members as well.

    BusinessWeek: “Get Satisfaction describes its product as “people-powered customer-service.” Named Satisfaction, it is part online forum, part FAQ, and part social network.”

GetSatisfaction - Online Tech Support

How does it work?

  1. 1. Find a company that provides a product / service you need help with.
  2. 2. Ask a question or start a new topic. If a similar topic already exists just join the conversation.
  3. 3. Post your question or problem.
  4. 4. As soon as someone posts a reply GetSatisfaction will send you an email.

Feature Overview

  • Find the company that provides the product or service you need help with and post your question.
  • Sort discussions by type (‘Questions’, ‘Ideas’, ‘Problems’ and ‘Talk’) or ‘Recently Active’, ‘Latest’, or ‘Unanswered’.
  • Follow-up on all posted questions (for any company) from your feedreader.
  • If the company you’re looking for isn’t listed you can add it yourself.
  • Want to contribute? You may help out others either as an independent contributor or as a representative of the company you’re working for.

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