Santa’s Voicemail Is Now Taking Calls, Courtesy Of Google [News]

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Yes, modern technology is responsible for some annoying holiday habits, such as texting at the table (even Mom is doing it now!) Yet it also offers some additional ways to share in holiday cheer – such as personalized calls to and from Santa.

He has a call center and if you’d like to give him a shout, you can do so by ringing 855-34-SANTA. Business keeps him from taking calls, but you can leave him a message. It’s the perfect bit of holiday fantasy for those with children.

If you’d like Santa to respond, you can even create a custom phone call from Santa that can be sent to, well, anyone. There’s a lot of custom options to choose from, and Santa should even be able to say the recipient’s name, as long as it’s a somewhat common name. Voice quality from the call is good enough to fool young children and amuse adults, so this is the perfect way to ramp up excitement for a big holiday gift.

Both the voicemail and the Santa call creation tool is provided by Google and offered free of charge to US and Canadian users. Google is hinting that Santa is conjuring up “an extra special way to spread the holiday cheer” – but they aren’t unveiling what it is until we’re closer to the 25th.

Source: The Official Google Blog

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jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the ways, santa clause is coming along & having fun with hay,MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY CHRISTMAS THROUGH OUT THE GLOBAL, AWAITING 1 DAY MY SANTA CLAUSE WILL SURELY COME & GIVE MY PENDING GLOBAL GIFT

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