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If you are skeptical about spending hundreds of dollars on fitness equipment, Sandbag Fitness is a great alternative. A s the title indicates, the website teaches you how to stay fit with nothing but a sandbag. It includes lots of workouts specifically using a sandbag that can help you to stay fit. In addition to the detailed instructions, each workout also includes a picture displaying the work out.

Moreover, the site also has lots of videos involving sandbag exercises that you can watch. You can also read more about sandbags and how they can help. The site is essentially a blog so it doesn’t have a great interface or navigation but the large amount of free workouts included more than make up for it. You can also subscribe to download the free 68 page workout manual.

exercises with a sandbag


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  1. Richardfireone
    February 20, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Awesome, excellent for where I live on a farm in Costa Rica