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We often wonder how much others earns. But salaries are private matters and we cannot come out and ask about them directly. Salary Share is here to help anonymously compare earnings amongst our friends.

compare earnings

SalaryShare lets you and your friends share your salaries with each other anonymously. You start by creating a salary pool and naming it. Next you enter your own salary and share the pool’s URL with at least 3 other friends. Once at least four salaries have been gathered by the pool, they are arranged in a descending order showing the highest salary figure, the lowest ones, and all the ones in between.


You can use Salary Share amongst friends or people who have got similar jobs; the results will help decide if you should ask your boss for a raise.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Does not require any registration.
  • Lets you find who makes the most and least amongst your friends.
  • You and friends submit salary amounts anonymously.
  • Similar tools: GetRaised, MySalaryWiki, GlassDoor and CostOfLiving.

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