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One way to learn whether or not your job pays appropriately is by comparing your salary with others in your profession. Here to help you accomplish that is a wonderful web service called SalaryScout.


SalaryScout is a free to use web service that lets people anonymously share their salaries with others. Along with your salary you can add a lot of other details that paint a complete picture of your job. These details include a job title and description, required travel, the job’s benefits, job satisfaction, any bonuses you receive, etc. You can also mention details about your company such as its approximate annual earnings, total number of employees, etc. Your qualifications can be added to the details too. Together these details complete your job description and accurately put your salary into context. Other site users from around the world do the same, with everybody mentioning their location and salary in their own currency. Although people on the site share their salary without providing their real names, you can browse salaries by profession and click on results to view details.

By comparing your own salary and job responsibilities with that of others similar professionals you find on the site you can easily obtain an idea of whether or not you are appropriately remunerated.



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