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While the internet has many merits, there’s no dearth of problems associated with it either. Especially for kids. Easy access to almost every information at their age isn’t always desirable. Plus, there are certain kinds of people online whom you’d want to always stay away from your kids. This is what SafetWeb aims to address. It’s a new tool that aims to help parents monitor their kids’ online activities, what they are doing and who they are talking to.

monitor your kids online

The tool is a browser based dashboard which scans the internet for information related to your child, their social presence, and alerts you in case it identifies a cyber threat or a suspicious contact. It checks all the top sites where your child could have a presence and monitors his activities.


  • Monitor and protect your children online.
  • Web based tool with a dashboard to monitor your child’s activities.
  • Scans all the top social networks and sites.
  • Instant alerts when threats occur.
  • Helps you analyze suspicious activity and potential threats.
  • Similar tool: Zoodles

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