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Many malicious websites seem like all other normal non-malicious websites. To recognize these malicious sites and better protect yourself from them, you can make your browsing sessions secure and safer by using a tool called SaferChrome.

make browsing secure

SaferChrome is a browser extension for Google Chrome; it helps notify you if the site you are browsing is potentially malicious. After installing the extension you will notice a new icon in the URL bar. The color of this icon indicates the security status of the currently open website. Clicking on the icon drops down a detailed report of SaferChrome’s analysis of the site. This report shows how many elements are loaded and from which origin.

make browsing safe

You can also use SaferChrome to open particular websites using the HTTPS protocol. Simply access the extension’s options and list the sites you want to open under HTTPS. The options also let you modify the extension’s color scheme.



  • A user friendly tool.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Helps learn if a website is potentially malicious.
  • Provides a security icon in the Chrome URL bar.
  • Provides a report indicating loaded elements and their origins.
  • Automatically opens specified websites under the HTTPS.

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