How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphone’s Touchscreen

cleaning tablet touchscreen icon   How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphones TouchscreenCleaning a smartphone touchscreen is simple. You don’t need a special cleaning kit or cleaning solution to safely clean your tablet or smartphone’s touchscreen – you can do it with materials you probably have on hand. However, you do need to know what to avoid – many common types of cloths and cleaning solutions can damage a touchscreen.

Once you understand what to do and what not to do, you can safely clean a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen in just a few seconds, removing the build-up of oil, dust, and other grime that can accumulate on these devices as we rub our fingers over them all day.

What Not To Do

Before we go over a quick and easy method to safely clean your device’s touchscreen, let’s cover some things you should never do to clean a smartphone touchscreen:

  • NEVER use harsh chemicals, including Windex, anything with ammonia, or alcohol-based cleaners. If a liquid is necessary, you should only use a small amount of water on the cloth. You can also purchase special cleaning solutions, such as iKlenz, which is recommended by Apple, but these solutions are not necessary.
  • NEVER use abrasive cloths, paper towels, or tissue paper, which can scratch the touchscreen. The scratches will be small and build up over time, damaging and dulling the screen. Instead, use microfiber cloths, which are specially designed to clean sensitive surfaces.
  • NEVER use a large amount of water. If water is necessary to clean the screen, you should make your microfiber cloth slightly damp instead of putting the water directly on your screen. If any water at all is necessary, it’s also a good idea to power off your device ahead of time.
  • NEVER press too hard while cleaning the screen. This can damage your device.

This process will be different if you have a screen protector on your screen. The method below is for cleaning glass screens – if your screen is covered in a plastic screen protector, you have more leeway and can use other types of cleaning solutions.

smudged smartphone touchscreen   How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphones Touchscreen

Get a Microfiber Cloth

To clean a touchscreen, all you really need is a microfiber cloth. For dirtier screens, you may also need a small amount of plain water (soap is not necessary).

The term “microfiber cloth” may sound a bit fancy, but they’re extremely common and cheap. If you have a pair of eyeglasses, they probably came with a microfiber cloth for cleaning the glasses. This cloth can safely clean sensitive glass surfaces without scratching them, whether it’s a pair of glasses or a glass touchscreen. You may also have received a microfiber cloth with another device. (In a pinch, you can use cotton, such as a cotton cloth or the corner of a cotton t-shirt, but this won’t work nearly as well.)

Why a microfiber cloth? They contain very small fibers which won’t scratch your touch screen. They also attract dust and oils, pulling them off your device’s screen instead of rubbing them around the screen. A few quick wipes with a microfiber cloth is generally all you need.

eyeglasses and cleaning cloth   How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphones Touchscreen

How To Clean a Touch Screen

Now that you have the appropriate cloth to clean your screen, the process is very simple:

  1. Turn off the device. This step is actually optional, but if you’ll be using any water, this is a good idea. At the very least, turning off the device’s screen allows you to see the dirt more easily.
  2. Wipe horizontally or vertically across the touchscreen in one repeating direction with the microfiber cloth. For example, start at the left side of the screen and wipe straight across to the right side of the screen. Next, move the cloth a bit lower and repeat this process to clean the entire screen. Some people recommend rubbing in small circles, which can help remove more stubborn grime, but this can also rub the dirt into your screen, damaging it. The wiping-across motion sweeps grime off the screen, and is the safest way to clean the screen.
  3. If necessary, use a small amount of water (don’t add soap or anything else to the water) to make a corner of the cloth slightly damp. Use the damp part of the cloth to clean the screen in the same way. (Rubbing in a small circle may be necessary if grime refuses to come off.)
  4. Wipe the screen with the dry part of the microfiber cloth — in the same way you cleaned the touchscreen above — to dry it off a bit. Leave the rest of the water on the screen to air-dry; don’t try too hard to dry it with the cloth.

This is the most complicated way to explain the process. In most cases, simply turning the device’s screen off and giving it a few wipes across with a microfiber cloth will be enough to remove any dust and oil in just a few seconds.

clean tablet touchscreen   How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphones Touchscreen

To clean the microfiber cloth itself and prevent build-up of dirt, soak the cloth in warm, soapy water, rinse well, and let it dry. Don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean the cloth, either. These can damage the cloth.

Other Tips

You can buy cleaning kits and expensive cleaning solutions like iKlenz and Monster CleanTouch, but a simple microfiber cloth and some water will work just as well in most situations.

Remember to wash your hands regularly to keep your device’s screen clean – less oil on your hands means less smudges and dirt on your touchscreen.

To safely clean your other computer hardware, check out our guide to cleaning keyboards, mice, computer fans, and LCD monitors.

How do you clean your smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen gadgets? Do you prefer some sort of cleaning solution? Leave a comment and share your tips!

Image Credit: Greckor on Flickr, Eyeglasses and a Cleaning Cloth via Shutterstock

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Ashwin Ramesh

Nice.. simple and effective way of cleaning :)

sakthi vel


ion popa

Simple yet efficacious.
I know some people who think that cleaning the touchscreen should be a very complex procedure – like brain surgery for instance :)

susendeep dutta

Nice article.If the device is protected by screen protector and if it’s rubbed by any cloth,then no damage will occur to the screen.


Thank you for the useful tips

Krzysztof Buzko

Until now I was using an LCD screen cleaner. What I didn’t know, is it could damage my screen. I tried this guide and it works. Fast and cheap way to clean TouchScreen. Thanks.

Nikhil Chandak

Thanks for the tips
these are very useful while cleaning a touch screen smartphone or a tablet

Joseph Darwin Co

thanks for this!

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I have a lot of microfiber cloths so I can keep one for cleaning touchscreen.
How to clean laptop screen? Mine is caked with dust and whatnot every few days no matter how hard I tried, and I just use microfiber cloth to wipe the dust away.

Chris Hoffman

Microfiber cloth works just fine. No oil should be on your screen, so a quick wipe with the cloth will take away the dust.

A slightly wet cloth with the same sort of rubbing will work if something won’t come off, but be more careful with an LCD laptop screen — they aren’t meant to be touched and aren’t as sturdy as a smartphone’s glass touchscreen. Don’t press too hard!

mohit kumar

Good post. Not many such posts are there on internet.

druv vb

A clean swipe a day keeps the dust away…
I usually clean my phone with a damp towel everday. Same goes for all items I use everyday. And yet my phone still has its screen protector from day one, and am not removing that any soon.


Thanks for a helpful column. I frequently use Clorox wipes to clean my entire cell phone. I’ve read articles in health magazines about how germs collect on cell phones. Using the Clorox brand, or other disinfecting wipe, is an effective way to clean and kill germs at the same time. (Although Clorox also makes bleach, the Clorox wipes are bleach-free.)

Douglas Mutay

Thanks for sharing this. I have lost the microfiber cloth that comes with my BB Playbook and now use tissue paper to clean my screen. Now just wondering what i will do until i get another one :-(

FĂ©lix S. De JesĂşs

Wonder Why the screen can’t be shine with liquid… can get worse.

Sc Ling

Thanks for this helpful article. I was always wondering how to safely screen of my tablet. Now I know how to do it. :-)


I have found the softest paper towels are kitchen rolls especially the Plenty type that work when wet, .

They also do not disintegrate in the washing machine if left in a pocket.

Chris Hoffman

I would avoid using paper towels, the wood fibers (paper is made of wood, after all) can scratch and dull the screen a bit, even if it’s soft paper.


My absolute favorite iPad/iPhone cleaning cloth is MOBiLE CLOTH. (I don’t work for them.). I use lotion on my hands a lot and my screens are really a mess. I’ve used regular microfiber cloths but they eventually just smear my smudges on my screen without cleaning it off. Without exception, MOBiLE CLOTH cleans my screen perfectly.


I would be surprised to learn that alcohol based liquids could etch the screen. A bit of isopropal alcohol is particularly very useful for cutting oils and grease. Especially so for those of us who use our phones while grabbing a burger or pizza.

Chris Hoffman

It makes sense that you might need something stronger if a lot of lotion ends up on the screen, certainly. I’d try this method before buying a more expensive product, though!

Robert Backlund

I use an old home made cleaning solution when needed, say to remove greasy finger prints after eating potato chips etc. It is made using white vinegar and water, preferably distilled water, I usually make it in the following concentration a 50-50 mix of water and white vinegar. This works great on your car windows and windows in your home as well. For regular windows (not pc monitors) using regular news paper to wipe the window dry works better than paper towels because it will not leave any lint behind on your clean windows.


I never hear any explanation on what to do when your microfiber cloth becomes dirty with oils, and dirt, etc. Can you clean and reuse them???? IF so HOW???


Chris Hoffman

As I said in the post, soak it in warm soapy water, rinse well, then let it dry — that should do it.

Eng Chua

How do I wash the microfiber cloth after it gets dirty?

Ashish K Yadav

What about coating on screens like laptop screen. Sometimes it gets so smudged that a cleaning liquid is required but I also noticed that it clears away the coating of screen. What to do in that case?

Chris Hoffman

Definitely don’t use that cleaning liquid! Microfiber cloth + maybe a bit of water to damp it has been my go-to cleaning solution for my computer screens for years.

Jim Spencer

This is one of those articles that, while not a profound revelation, is still a good piece of advice. I discovered that using microfiber cloth was very useful a couple of years age, so I have carried a small square of it with me. The wiping motion you describe is fine, it is much like polishing something, so I wipe very briskly in a horizontal direction while applying very little pressure. My screen usually stays crisp and sharp and makes me feel like I can be proud of its appearance.

Chris Hoffman

Yup, it’s very simple — I think the main thing to be aware of is what _not_ to use.

Gerhard Tinned

I totally agree that the right cleaning makes a difference. Its like cleaning your glasses. But does it really make such a big difference? You where glasses for a lot of years some times and when you not clean the properly you see it because its right in front of your eyes. But when it comes to a tablet, … do you have it long enough to see the difference? And if yes, most screens from my experience get not damaged by cleaning them. They get scratches from not protecting the screen while on the go … you put it unprotected in you bag, and so on.

Chris Hoffman

Especially in sunlight, the oily smears can look quite unslightly.

Somaiya Ebrahim

..or you could just lick it clean… ;)


wow nice tutorial, recently I bought an ipad one of my problem how to remove some dirt on it screen. Glad to found this helful article. Thanks makeuseof


Thanks for tips


Great advice for tablets and smartphones.
How about Touch screens in cars? I now have what appears to be perminent finger marks on my screen. Any suggestions.

Chris Hoffman

Never seen a touch screen in a car, but I’d try the same sort of process.

Birger Munthe

go by a pair of glasses – get some microfiber

Arron Walker

Simple and effective, nice article


Although the current trend is towards capacitive touch screens, the older resistive types are still in use and they are extremely delicate to any kind of abrasion / scratching. In such case the best option is to have easy peel off type protector film.

The more popular capacitive type are made of hardened / toughened glass, like Corning or Schott. These are very hard to scratch unles you get something like emery particle on your finger tip and use swype action.

For these you have left out the easiest and free method. Exhale on to the screen with your mouth wide open. Enough steam will condense for the purpose of cleaning. Take any normal news paper – the old absorbent – non coated – crumple it in a loose ball. Clean with it using gentle strokes..

Michael Novak

Unfortunately, cleaning a touch screen with water does not remove bacteria or other pathogens that may cause disease or illness. My wife uses Windex on her iPhone with a paper towel for the past 3 years. She reports no problems with her phone.

Chris Hoffman

Try, this doesn’t disinfect it. Maybe a disinfectant would be useful, but I wouldn’t use Windex (i’m shocked there are no problems!)

Sarah Card

Will make my husband read this, he insists on buying expensive “specialty” products.

Chris Hoffman

At the very least, it’s worth a try before buying the more expensive stuff again!

Debra Beshears

Thanks, this was really useful.

Andrew Jordan

Great simple practical article Thank you. With my I phone 4s I have not been using a screen protector as the glass seems to soak up the fingerprints much better than the protector’s do. I know I’m naughty but there is a big difference. With the protector I had to clean every day, with the glass it’s about once a week. I’ve read up on the glass and it does have some properties that help this process.
Would people read the whole article before posting? He explained how to clean the microfiber clothes (and thank you again) (but what do you use ?)

Deji Greg

Thanks much, this was helpful


Thanks a lot for your help, I was just going to use an alcohol-based solution to disinfect it, but luckily I read about it firstly :)