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While file storage sites such as Dropbox provide a wonderful convenience, you have to be cautious while uploading sensitive files to such services. Although these sites take strict security measures, your file still has a chance of being accessed by somebody other than yourself. To ensure that files are only viewable to you or people you approve of, Safebox encrypts the files you upload to Dropbox.

encrypt files on dropbox

Safebox is a tool that helps makes your Dropbox files harder to hack. This is accomplished by encrypting your files with a Safebox-generated key or a key that you provide. Your files are uploaded to a new Safebox folder in your Dropbox account and only people who have the encryption key will be able to view the contents of your files. This way your files remain secure. Safebox works as a desktop app for Mac and Windows and comes with a price tag of $0.99.


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