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Safe2Pee is a website (including a Google Maps mashup) that helps people find gender neutral, safe and accessible toilets which they can use without fear of discrimination or discomfort. Single stall and gender neutral bathrooms help not only the gender variant people but also benefit others like those demanding more privacy or parents with children.

The site lets you search for bathrooms across the United States and displays the results on a map. You can filter the results to find gender neutral and free bathrooms.

gender neutral toilets

gender neutral bathrooms

The site also lets people add a bathroom easily.  You just need to fill in the details and go through an anti-spam check. For each bathroom, it also has more information like directions and comments made by other users. And you can also access the site from your mobile phone.


  • Find safe and gender neutral bathrooms.
  • No sign up required to do a search.
  • Uses Google Maps to show the bathroom locations.
  • Provides information like address, directions and user comments.
  • Similar tools:   SitOrSquat, TheBathroomDiaries and MizPee.

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