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Saaspose is a website that would come in handy for any mobile web app developer. Saaspose is an online tool & app that allows web & mobile developers to convert any HTML file their app produces into file formats such as Adobe PDFs Microsoft Office document formats, and even e-mail formats.

create documents online

Saaspose also converts any HTML file the web app produces into image format files such as JPEG, GIF, etc.

Once you make an account on Saaspose you will be required to add your web app to your Saaspose account. Once done, you will be required to download the Saaspose Platform SDK or integrate the “REST API” into your web app, which would then enable many functions.

Once you fire up the application, you will see the functions enabled by the “REST API”. These functions include the ability to convert files, extracting images, mail merge, and even bar code generation and recognition tool.


  • Free for 1 year.
  • Helpful common tasks added to your web app.
  • 500MB free space to add apps.

Check out Saaspose @

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