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You’re running across a rooftop, throwing yourself over all possible obstacles.

Suddenly you whirl around, pull out your guns and start spraying plasma. One down, one to go.

Landing swiftly on your feet, your plasma sword falls into your hand; the other one’s out there, but he might not have seen you yet.

You start running for him; focus narrowing, heart throbbing in your ears. Run across the wall, and strike out.

S4 League

Welcome to S4 League, alaplaya’s newest baby; a ‘mmotps’.

Play against people from all over the world, in this exciting online multiplayer science-fiction shooter!


Ironically, S4 League isn’t just a game, but a game theming another fictional game. S4 League – which stands for Stylish eSper Shooting Sports – is a virtual reality game, where gamers hook up from all around the world to get some action. Not all walk away unharmed; the border between reality and virtuality is thinner than most think.

Visuals and Gameplay

alaplaya, the game’s publisher, certainly aren’t the first trying to put down a free multiplayer shooter, although they’re obviously showing that mainstream isn’t the only way.

The game belongs to the science-fiction genre, both in the looks and the feel of the game. And it’s certainly worth looking at; the visuals are a mix of cartoony anime characters, in urban hypermodern surroundings, seeming like a blend of Kingdom Hearts and Mirrors Edge.

S4 League is an acrobatic, fast paced third person shooter. Run against walls, throw yourself across objects and hurl yourself at the other players in this incredibly intensive, adrenaline-pumping shooter.

You fight other online players by means of guns – there’s a worthy arsenal available – and plasma swords. S4 League seems to have borrowed quite some elements from the previously discussed Gunz Top Five Free Online Shooter Games - Must Read For Gamers Top Five Free Online Shooter Games - Must Read For Gamers Read More , though applying a slower pace and more gun-focused approach.

Game Modes

Less than most games, S4 League offers two major, team focused game modes; Team Deathmatch and Touchdown. However, these two modes have proven sufficient for providing tons of entertainment.

Team Deathmatch

You should know this one. The players get divided into two separate teams. A time limit is set, and each must try to eliminate as many members of the other team as possible. When the time runs out, the team that landed the most number of kills wins the game.


A new, innovative game mode, this is capture the flag in reverse. Instead of stealing the flag from the other team, you must land a Fumbi – some kind of android ball – in the other team’s base. With the enemy respawning right at your destination, this can only pulled off working as a solid team. This is an extremely hectic game mode, as both teams basically rush against each other in an often very small arena.

Each game exists of two halves, broken up by a half-time break to cut the tension.

Although there are only two game modes, variations of each can be played. To increase the face to face action, one could enable sword mode, hereby disabling all use of guns. It’s also possible to put the importance of the team at large by using the Combi system, or to help the newer players in a student-teacher mode, as Combi Master.

Costumes and Weapons

Clothing can be purchased for the S4 League characters, with a large selection of shirts, pants and accessories offered. Additional bonuses – such as damage, damage reduction, hp and sp – can be obtained by upgrading your clothing.

Although some outfits require the wearer to be of a certain level, none actively enhance gameplay by giving greater, additional bonuses.

The shop currency, PEN, can be obtained during the game.

Special weapons can be obtained by finishing a special tutorial, in which you get familiar with the specific weapons. You then receive a five-hour trial period of active gameplay. Hereafter, you can still play the tutorials, but will have to purchase the weapons to use them in the game.

This is where alaplaya gets its money, so ‘real money’ is necessary to obtain additional weapons.

Give the game a go and then come back here to the comments and let us know what you think of it.

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