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Have you ever wanted to know the approximate results of a run before you start? This is useful because you can make sure to optimize your workout before you begin. The last thing you want to do is waste time working out if you could do it more efficiently. With this handy web app you can input what you plan to do for your run and find out how many calories you should expect to burn.

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To use the Workout Creator you need to input your weight, what region you are in and the details of the segments of your run. This is mainly designed for running on a treadmill where things like exact speed and incline can be controlled and predicted. As you input the segments of your run the data will update in real time. You can go back and tweak segments of the workout to help you meet your goals.


There are all kinds of useful charts and graphs to help you analyze your workout. You can use this data to find places you can improve and optimize your workout. For example, I found that if I increased my incline by only 1 while maintaining the same speed, I would only burn ten more calories. This tells me that it might not be worth the increase in effort for such a small gain.

For the person looking to make their workouts better, this is a great web app. It is nice to have a good idea of what kind of results to expect before you start.



  • Provides all kinds of details about the workout before you do it
  • Designed to work with running on a treadmill
  • Find out the calories you will burn before you burn them
  • See all kinds of charts to analyze the workout
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