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Any serious runner knows that it is important to keep track of their runs. There is no way you can remember all your times and routes manually. It’s also impossible to really know if your runs are improving without keeping detailed records of your runs everyday. The best way to see improvement is with lots of data. Thankfully, smartphones can make it easier to keep track of all the important information.

Runner’s Log is a fantastic application for keeping track of your runs. It has all the features a diehard runner needs for logging their runs and keeping track of their times. It is incredibly easy to use and it does everything in the simplest way possible. If you are a runner looking for a way to keep track of your runs, Runner’s Log is the perfect app for you.

Runner’s Log normally costs $1.99, but for a limited time, you can grab it for free from the App Store. It has incredibly strong reviews on the App Store, and it’s easy to see why. If you need a runner’s app, the time to grab one is now, while you can get Runner’s Log free!


The first feature of Runner’s Log is the ability to keep track of your runs. However, before you can accurately keep track of your runs, you will have to set up a couple of things within the app. First, you will want to input the routes you like to run. To do this, go to the Routes tab and click the “+” to add a new one. To set the route, it will open a Map where you simply drop pins to lay out the route you like to run. Click “Done,” and it will save your route for later.

Before you start logging your runs, you will also want to enter your shoes, so you know which ones you used, and which ones you perform best in. Simply go to the “More” tab and you will see shoes. Add the shoes you use, and when you log a run, you will be able to choose which ones you wore.


Now, you have what you need to log your runs. So go run, and when you finish, go to the “Log” tab to enter in what you did. Click the “+” to add a new run. Click “Route” to choose from your created routes. It will fill in the distance field automatically. You log the time, choose the shoes and add any tags to the run you need.

As you log more runs, you will get to see your stats overall on the stats and calendar screen. Stats will break down everything you need to know on a day by day basis. You can also choose to see your stats monthly or yearly. Calendar simply shows you the days you ran, so you can keep track of when you worked out and when you did not. As you use the app longer, you will be able to use these screens to keep track of your improvement and see if you are actually getting better.


Overall, this is a great app for runners. It has plenty of options and features that runners look for. Best of all, it’s available free from the App Store for a limited time, so if you are a runner, don’t wait, because it will go back to $1.99 soon!

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