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RunKeeper How To Use RunKeeper To Set Exercise Goals on iPhone How To Use RunKeeper To Set Exercise Goals on iPhone Read More , the popular iOS application for keeping track of your runs, walks, and bike rides, has just updated to version 3.5. With this update, users will now get a whole new social way to interact with their fellow runners directly from within the free application.

Essentially, the update makes the app function like a social network. Users can find and follow their friends, which could go a long way towards helping them stay motivated. After all, what better way is there to gauge your performance than comparing it to the people close to you?

As part of these social features, users can comment and like on the progress of their friends. A few words of encouragement can go a long way.

Users can also see their friends’ GPS maps, so you will be able to tell where they ran, for how long, and so on. Knowing that you are under the microscope from your friends could help you to push through that extra mile that you may not have done otherwise. The app also lets users take photos during their run and share it with their friends.

Competition comes into play with this update, as RunKeeper now has the ability to compare workouts to others on the activity list. You can also compare pace and elevation charts with other users. These last two features, while really useful, do require a premium subscription to the RunKeeper service, so not everyone will be able to enjoy them.


This is definitely a huge update for RunKeeper, and it further solidifies its place as one of the best fitness apps on the market. Have you tried the new version? What do you think? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

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