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Talk about doing repetitive tasks and you would think of the command line to be the best place to do them. However it is not always easy for everyone to remember how to run Windows commands. Commands in Demand provides you with an interface to perform a number of such tasks at the click of a button.

Sadly there is no portable version of the application. It would have been an excellent tool to keep on your USB drive had there been a portable version available.

The commands or actions are categorized into sections displayed towards the left. There are as many as 70 actions that you can perform with Commands in Demand. We have to say though, that some of them are easier and quicker if done the conventional way!

run windows commands

Some of the salient features of the application are:


Tools to deal with non responsive applications. You can kill non responsive applications at the click of a button, it even lets you create a shortcut to do so, like we showed you some time back How to Kill Unresponsive Programs Without the Task Manager How to Kill Unresponsive Programs Without the Task Manager When a Windows program stops working, your first instinct is probably to visit the Task Manager. Here's a super-fast shortcut you can use to kill idle tasks instead. Read More . You can restart Windows Explorer with a single click or fire the Task Manager to take things in your hand!

run windows commands

A real time clipboard editor that lets you edit the contents of the clipboard. It automatically reads the text on your clipboard and then you can edit it as you would do in notepad. You can also drag and drop additional text to add to the text already on your clipboard. Print from here, save to a file or paste anywhere and the updated text will be pasted at the destination.

common windows commands

A list alphabetizer application that lets you create a list, sort it and then create a directory structure according to the list. You can even read in the contents of a folder as a list and then perform various operations on the list. The files and folders section also allows you to quickly launch common folders or open command prompt in a said folder.

windows commands

An icon extractor that can extract icons from exe and dll files. Here are some icons that it found in Google Talk executable:

commands in demand

A memory and CPU usage Monitor with a memory cleaner. The memory cleaner would essentially free up memory by dumping to the virtual memory, so make sure you don’t use it when you are working in an application. It would be helpful if you are going to launch a memory intensive application and don’t need the other applications for some time as they will become less responsive till they are swapped back into the memory.

windows commands

It also lets you search and compare results from two search engines side by side. Check the search engines (no Bing sadly) you want, type in your query and hit enter. It will open up the search results in your web browser.

You can also change Commands in Demand’s settings. You can adjust transparency and control behavior like loading on startup and minimizing when a button is clicked to perform an action.

Commands in Demand is a nice application that lets you run several windows comments and perform a number of tasks from within a single application. It is a mix of a tweaker, launcher and a whole bunch of other tools. Definitely worth checking out. I would really like to see a portable version of an application like this. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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