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eBay’s interface has remain unchanged for quite some time now. While shoppers are mostly concerned with the products rather than the site interface, they prefer for the site to be easy on their eyes. Here to offer eBay’s products in a visually friendly way is a service called Rummage.

Rummage is a free to use web service. You can visit the site to search for items on eBay using keywords. The results are displayed as big thumbnail images of the products with their price, number of bids, and remaining time displayed. You can keep scrolling down the page to view more results without needing to click any ‘Next’ links.

Put your mouse on a thumbnail to view the options to enlarge it, be taken to its direct eBay link, or view the seller details.

When you enlarge a result, all its details are revealed along with its pictures, its directly eBay link, its current price, the item’s seller details, and percentage of positive feedback for the seller.



Check out Rummage @

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