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Do you work in Ruby? Rubular is an awesome tool that allows you to text Ruby expressions in your browser as you write them. This can save a lot of time because you know the expressions are accurate before you go forward with your work. There is nothing worse than making a mistake and not finding out about it until later.

ruby regular expression editor

You can choose from two different Ruby versions when working with the app. It supports Ruby 1.9.2 and Ruby 1.8.7. You simply enter in the expression, and the website will run and it make sure it’s working properly. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


The website also comes with a Regex quick reference section to help you write your expressions. You can also make a permalink to the Ruby expression so you can come back to it later if you need to. It’s a really nice website that serves a great purpose for people who work with Ruby.


  • Test Ruby expressions in your browser.
  • Easy to use.
  • Regex quick reference guide.
  • Save permalink to get access to your code later or share with others.

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