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It’s often said that given a list of internet bookmarks, you can tell everything about that person. Nowadays, I suspect the RSS feeds you are subscribed to are much more revealing. So what feeds am I subscribed to – as a geek, technologist, web developer and keen gamer?

So without further ado, here’s a list of just a few choice picks of the feeds that fill my reader everyday – providing me with all the news and inspiration I need to do my job.


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories [Site|Feed]: random tech projects and curious products, from Candle-flicker LEDs to Maker Faire reports.

iHackintosh [Site|Feed]: Reliable iOS news with a slant to the hacking and jail breaking side of things.

Ars Technica / Infinite Loop (Apple) [Site|Feed]: Apple news, for us fanboys.

SEOMoz [Site|Feed]: Takes the art of SEO and turns it into a science. Whether you buy into it is your choice, but there’s no denying the work done here is top quality.


SEO Bull$!t [Site|Feed]: Cutting through the elitist rubbish and debunking the theories that abound in SEO circles and so-called professionals. If you’re going to subscribe to any of these other SEO feeds, I highly recommend them *alongside* this one.


Web Development

Google Webmaster Central Blog [Site|Feed]: updates and new features from Google themselves. Pretty much the only definitive reliable source for Google news.

NetTuts+ [Site|Feed]: Fantastic high-level tutorials on web-development with a variety of technologies.

Smashing Magazine [Site|Feed]: Long form articles on anything design related, web technologies, or fontography. Also prone to releasing some fantastic free WordPress themes and the occasional icon or vector set.

TutorialZine [Site|Feed]: Fantastic quality tutorials mainly focused on PHP, CSS, and jQuery. Pretty high level, but accessible.

WebDesignerWall [Site|Feed]: Beautiful size, and inspiring tutorials that show just what is possible with CSS.


Ars Technica / Gaming [Site|Feed]: Reliable, non-opinionated news and reviews from the gaming industry in general.

Destructoid [Site|Feed]: Another trustworthy gaming news source, but this one with attitude.

Board Games with Scott [Site|Feed]: Now mostly dead since Scott moved on to other things, but the archives are still good to keep around with tons of informative and fantastic video reviews of awesome board games.


I Can Has Cheezburger? [Site|Feed] – I don’t think I need to explain this one, do I?

I Can Haz Cheezburger? AFTER DARK [Site|Feed] – The NSFW funny cat pics go here… Copious bad language – you have been warned.

Art of Trolling [Site|Feed]: Dumb yahoo questions and chat roulette comedy.

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Intertube Records [Site|Feed]: Good for people like me who hate browsing that archive of bad videos they call YouTube – I only ever watch something if it’s picked up by inter tube records, or finds itself into my feed reader by way of Google+ contact.

Dilbert Daily Strip [Site|Feed]: what can I say, I’m a geek and this is essential morning reading.

XKCD [Site|Feed]: Web comics for clever people – science, tech and math related. Well worth reading through the entire archive if you haven’t already.

Funny Facebook Fails [Site|Feed]: You shouldn’t laugh really, but…

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Dark Roasted Blend [Site|Feed]: a glorious mix of shocking and fascinating, highly visual articles. From communist Chinese posters featuring women, to all the different kinds of turtles in the world.

WebUrbanist [Site|Feed]: A design and art flavored blog of random things, from the same people behind Dark Roasted Blend above.

Police Inspector Blog [Site|Feed]: The straight up truth from an anonymous high ranking officer in the MET Police (that means London). Fascinating insight, especially considering the recent riots.

The Art of Manliness [Site|Feed]: Attempting to reclaim that pride in what it means to be a man. It’s clearly hit a nerve with thousands of guys who feel that society has lost it’s way somehow, and the role of men has been diminished by political correctness over the years.

The Non-Consumer Advocate [Site|Feed]: A inspiring blog about a family that does their best to leave a low impact on the environment, by living a frugal yet rich life. If everyone lived like this, our environmental problems would disappear overnight, and the world would be a far happier and a more ‘green’ place.

ChinaSmack [Site|Feed]: Shocking stories of news around China you won’t hear on the regular channels. Occasionally they post some videos that may upset you, you have been warned.

JapanProbe [Site|Feed]: A frank look at current news in Japan – a great read if you want to know about the real Japan, not the golden temples and nuclear fallout you only ever see on TV.


That’s it from me, so I hope you found a few sites worth subscribing to yourself. It goes without saying that MakeUseOf also provides full RSS feeds for every section of the website, which you can find just down there in the footer. I also hope some of the other writers will follow suit and tell us all what they’re subscribed to.

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