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Rounds is a new social tool that can be most appropriately defined as “Facebook” meets “Chatroulette”. It is a social network that lets you quickly video chat with your friends, or strangers. You can add people as friends, send them messages, invite them on a one to one chat and more.


Rounds also lets you see who is online right now from all over the world and filter the results based on age, location, gender and interests. The tool also lets developers create new games and activities using its API. You can sign in to Rounds with your Facebook, MSN, Google or Yahoo! username and automatically invite your friends from any of these services. Users can also build a detailed profile like Facebook and upload photos.

Demo video:


  • Video chat with your friends and strangers.
  • Add people as friends, send messages and share photos.
  • See your friends and friends of your friends.
  • Search users based on age, location and gender.
  • Sign in with Yahoo!, Facebook, Google or MSN account.

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