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While recording a video through your smartphone, if you mistakenly did not hold the phone upright, the resulting video will be rotated or inverted. To rotate the video such that it becomes upright you would normally employ a desktop application. But the task can also be performed online, thanks to a website called Rotate Video.

rotate videos online

Rotate Video is a free web service that can rotate videos stored on your computer. The video can be given a 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise turn. Unfortunately there is no option for a 180 degrees turn and this can only be achieved by twice providing a 90 degree turn in either direction. Supported video formats include AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV, and MP4.  Your video files cannot exceed a size limit of 2MB.


  • Web service to rotate videos for free.
  • Lets you rotate videos online.
  • Videos can be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Supports a wide range of video formats.
  • Similar tools: CellSea, Stroome, Kaltura, BrushVideo, Creaza and Kaltura.

Check out RotateVideo @

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