Rootsy: Create a Family Tree & Share Pictures, Videos, & Stories With Your Tree Members

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A family tree is a tool that helps people trace the origins of their family relationships. But other than that, family trees are not really used for much. However if you made your family tree using a site called Rootsy, you will not only have a virtual family tree, but also a tool to help share photos, videos, stories, and events with your family members.


Rootsy is a web service that is currently free to use. You can create an account on the site and begin creating your family tree. For each new branch you add, you can specify what relation it has to the previous branch. You can optionally add an email address for each relative added so they can come and view the tree as well.

You can then share photos and videos with everybody so they have easy access to memories of the family’s last get-together. You can also share stories about a particular event or simply an anecdote about a family relative. Important events can also be shared with all family members on the tree.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create a virtual family tree.
  • Lets you share photos and videos with relatives on the tree.
  • You can share stories and events as well.
  • Similar tools:  PeoplePlotr, Genoom, GRAMPS and Geni.

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