RoohIt: Instant Online Web Page Highlighter

RoohIt is an instant web page highlighter which lets you quickly highlight, save and share content from webpages. And I mean really quick. Just type before any web URL address and you can start highlighting. No registration required and no download needed. You can highlight stuff as you surf and it saves things automatically. Also access your micro-bookmarks easily and share them with others via email, Twitter, Facebook etc.

roohit1   RoohIt: Instant Online Web Page Highlighter

roohit2   RoohIt: Instant Online Web Page Highlighter

As you can see in the above screenshots, when you select text on a webpage it presents you with two separate boxes which include a huge number of options like adding tags, description, sharing and emailing the selected text.

When you are done and go back to the main site, you can see your saved text and other information in a new interface, which is shown in the screenshot below.

roohit3   RoohIt: Instant Online Web Page Highlighter

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