Roll your Windows up with WinRoll

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If you’ve been a geek for any time now, you’ve no doubt ran into a problem with not enough desktop real estate. Maybe you don’t like to minimize all those windows, or maybe you just don’t want your application bar to be full of minimized programs.

WinRoll easily takes care of that for you.


WinRoll Before


WinRoll After

WinRoll was made so that it could “roll up” the current window into its title bar. Thus producing a very small window of an open application.

You can minimize, maximize and even close all visible windows at once. You can even minimize to the system tray and make the window semi-translucent on Windows 2000 and above.

The best part about WinRoll is that it was written in 100% assembly language making its speed and response super fast and has a tiny footprint.

Of course, it wouldn’t be on Make Use Of if it wasn’t free.

You can choose to download either the recommended setup file (89k), the binaries (9k) or the source code (41k)

They currently also have support for English, Russian, Italian and German.

I use WinRoll on all of my PCs (work and home) due to its ability to quickly and easily “roll up” the windows I’m working on in order to see or find something that’s behind it.
WinRoll gets a huge thumbs-up from this guy!

Anything else out there similar to WinRoll? Lets us know in the comments.

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This feature is built into FileBox eXtender ( ) which is an awesome app!



It also comes with FlyakiteOS.


AskTheAdmin | Karl Gechlik

Awesome app that I have been using since Windows 98!



Is there anything that let’s me right-click on the title bar and just instantly minimize (not to tray)? I can do this with WindowBlinds, but I’m trying to avoid installing that huge program just to have the one feature I like.

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