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Roku has released an update for its iOS application that gives users the ability to stream videos from iOS devices to televisions. It might not sound like a huge update, but it’s a feature that is very similar to that offered by an Apple TV device with Air Play, which goes further towards putting Roku boxes at parity with Apple’s offering.

This is part of the “Play on Roku” initiative being pushed by the company. It already offered users the ability to stream music from their smartphone to a Roku, and the new video feature expands the usefulness a great deal. Of course, more users tend to carry around music on their devices than videos, but still, having more options is always a good thing.

For anyone who downloads a lot of video files to their iPhone or iPad, this feature will most certainly come in handy. From the looks of things, it will only play be video files that are stored locally on the device, which is fine, since any Internet video you would want to watch is likely available through one of the many apps already on Roku.

This new feature is available on most popular players, specifically the Roku 3, Roku 2, new Roku HD, Roku LT, and Roku Streaming Stick are supported. This covers users who one any of the more recent devices offered by the video playing service.


Besides this new video streaming feature, the update also adds some bug fixes and performance improvements. The company did not specify which bugs were squashed, but either way, making the app run more smoothly is always a good thing.


The update is available for download now on the App Store.

Source: Cnet

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