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Great ideas often do not reach realization. This is primarily because there is a big gap between people who have the idea and the people who have the resources to make that idea a reality. If you come up with a great invention or plan, the most difficult step would be to find people who are interested enough in your plan to invest in it. To solve this problem, “Rock the Post” was created.


Rock the Post is an excellent web service that bridges the gap between investors and people with ideas. The site works by letting you detail your ideas through posts from your account. In your post you detail your idea along with the things you need to make it happen. You ask people for funds, resources, or simply their time. In exchange you can offer them shares/equity of your company. You can also have people pledge money, resources, and time to your project.

If you do not have an idea to share, you can look for interesting ventures on the site to invest or pledge resources in.



  • A user-friendly web service
  • Helps you detail your ideas online
  • Helps you get investors and contributors for your projects
  • Lets you invest and pledge resources

Check out RockThePost @

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