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Rock-Paper-Scissors is a simple game we have all played when we were young. How good were you at it? This can now be determined by a web application appropriately titled “Rock-Paper-Scissors.”

play rock paper scissors computer

Rock-Paper-Scissors is a simple web application that plays the Rock-Paper-Scissors game with you. The algorithm used by the game predicts your moves by recording the statistical data. The game offers two modes: Novice, in which the game starts learning your selections from scratch, and Veteran, in which the game uses statistical data from over 200,000 rounds of the game. A score of is maintained of your rounds with the computer. Results of the computer’s decisions are shown under its “˜hand’ in the game.

The contrast of the human hand and mechanical one gives a real “human vs. computer” feel to the game.


  • Plays Rock-Paper-Scissors online aginst computer.
  • Studies statistical data from your moves to win.
  • Keeps a score of the games.
  • Similar tool: Roshambo.

Check out Rock-Paper-Scissors @


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