Rock Group “Green Day” Get Their Own New Levels On Angry Birds For Facebook [Updates]

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Angry Birds enthusiasts would have met them by now. But if not, you can jump on to Angry Birds for Facebook and get a shot at bringing down Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, lead members of the punk group Green Day as they get together with Rovio in a unique promotional tie-up.

The Grammy Award winning band is included in a fresh episode of Angry Birds you can play on Facebook. The three performers “star” in the game as green pigs and you are welcome to take your best shot at them across 10 never-before-seen themed levels.


The collaboration also includes exclusive content, including Green Day’s latest single “Oh Love”, and an exclusive song “Troublemaker” that you can enjoy while playing the game. It is a unique first as Rovio and Green Day seek to combine entertainment with cross-promotion that could benefit both, and also get them new followers. Green Day will release their triple albums a few months in the future, and so on the cards you have more exclusive updates for the Green Day episode that will come later this fall.

As Billie Joe Armstrong says in the press release:

“We’re all fans of Angry Birds. It’s such an addictive game that when we first started playing it we couldn’t stop. Go Team Green!”

Source: Engadget

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Bakr Alazawe

I think they are ruining the game by adding new levels ! Why not just keep the original game??

Saikat Basu

I wouldn’t comment on whether the game itself is good or bad, but new levels are introduced to revitalize the game for those followers who would have played through all the existing levels.


Ben Mordecai

Angry Birds is getting lamer and lamer.

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