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Rock spans generations. The legendary music genre isn’t one, but many. In this edition, Sound Sunday pays tribute to the diversity of rock, showcasing albums from progressive to alternative dance, with some acoustic, blues, and progressive squeezed in between.

Scroll down for the streaming playlist, which will give you a taste of this edition, with one song from each featured album. If you enjoy Sound Sunday and would like to see more of it in the future, please help us out  by sharing this article or leaving your feedback in the comments. Your contribution is very much appreciated.

Progressive Rock

Genre: progressive, rock, space rock, psychedelic, concept album

This concept album follows a sci-fi theme: “Two species face extinction, one in the unfathomable depths of space, the other comfortable on its own world. A man and his daughter speed through space trying to outrun a missile, the deciding factor, which has more gas? A soldier is sent to a desolate prison planet to battle a beast with a very unique hunting style, it hunts through the multi-verse, killing not just on the planet, but on every possibility of the planet.”
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: progressive rock, rock & roll, classic rock


Their self-chosen genre would be something like Prog-Funk-Punk-Doowop-Hip-Hopera-Folk-Jazz-Rock, but that would make them hard to categorize. The Farewell EP is a raw recording with brilliant rock guitars and underwhelming vocals, which add to the overall atmosphere, though.

Post Rock

Genre: alternative, cinematic, indie, rock, post rock

Tall Tales offers a diverse set of songs with a wide range of styles, but it’s the honesty behind every note, every melody and every lyric that undeniably threads them all together. Whether the tale you’re listening to is fact or fiction, one thing that’s certain is that it’s the absolute, concentrated best of what each of these fine musicians has inside themselves.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: rock/em>

This is Gonzo’s first independent release since Flamingo Trigger, self-produced and recorded entirely live in one room in running order, vocals and all, with famed engineer Steve Albini. Gone are the theatrical backup harmonies, stripped are the multilayered guitar tracks, wiped away is the polished finish of a pop producer’s mentality. In their place remains a smoldering, gutsy work of pure desire. Fervor. Agitation. Honesty. Insanity. Rock and roll, but so much more.
Source: Gonzo Homepage

Blues Rock

Genre: blues rock, classic rock, hard rock

The Fuse Box EP is the debut release by Alexandria, Virginia-based band Fuse Box. The band’s musical style draws from such influences as classic rock, blues, funk, heavy metal, country, progressive rock, folk, psychedelia, indie rock, and synthpop.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: blues rock, soul, classic rock, southern rock

Only three months after meeting, they chose the name of the folkloric slave hero, John the Conqueror, and took to the stage playing their own blend of the southern rock from their childhoods, the punk of their adolescence and the blues and soul they had always held closely.
Source: Band Homepage

Acoustic Rock

Genre: alternative, acoustic rock, pop rock

With Future Fire, the band’s third studio effort, Awake! Awake! further fused both their love of melodic rock anthems and their theatrical sensibilities to create music that challenged and encouraged themselves. They hope their listeners will feel the same way.
Source: Band Facebook

Genre: acoustic, rock, rock & roll

Arkham Dispatch, a group of 4 Brothers, made this album in Canada and then packed up and moved to England to begin their adventure.
Source: Bandcamp

Alternative & Indie Rock

Genre: alternative, indie, rock

Convolutions is the 2011 debut album of the Fresno and Sacramento based alternative dance rock formation The Thomas Confession. Unfortunately, there has not been a follow-up since.

Genre: indie, rock, psychedelic, pop

Noble Firs are a Portland, OR based band that produces a sound that’s colorful, outgoing and apt to diverge as often as one’s state of mind does from time to time. Their blend of indie/surf/pop is heavily influenced by genre blending old guards like Paul Simon and Neil Young as well as the vibrant Pacific Northwest local music scene.
Source: Band Facebook

Genre: indie, rock, math rock

Legs Like Tree Trunks is four guys who started out with big dreams of piling into a 1994 Plymouth Voyager affectionately named Betty Brown and setting sail for Jupiter. They were going to take microphones to the stars and the satellites, record an intergalactic symphony or something; you know, really hit the big time on the other side of the solar system. Turns out Betty was never aerodynamic enough to break through the stratosphere, but she still carts around those same four guys so they can play their peculiar brand of folk-tinged math rock for anyone nice enough to listen.
Source: Band Facebook

The Playlist

No time to download and listen to all albums? Just listen to this! One song from each of this week’s picks in a handy playlist.

The Show Must Go On

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Featured image credit: Blondin Rikard via Flickr

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