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Digital pictures, detailed graphics, and high quality screenshots have all got one thing in common – large resolutions and file sizes. When you upload such files to share them online you usually have to pass them through a third party application to size them down first for easy uploading. Here to lend a helping hand is an app called RoboSizer.

automatically resize pictures

RoboSizer is a free to use desktop application for Windows. The app automatically resizes the images you are going to upload online. You can specify which image file formats are resized. You can choose from JPG, BMP, TGA, and PNG. Quality of image and its resolution can be set by the user. Profiles can be created or chosen from the predefined ones.

RoboSizer keeps an eye on image uploads through browsers and other apps such as Skype. The image being uploaded is intercepted and its resized version is sent on forward. Each time an image is resized, you get a notification in the System Tray.




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  1. c
    September 19, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Because I do a lot of photography, I have a wide range of image software, I am always interested in seeing if I can replace large programmes with thse of smaller footprints. This one appears to be quite small so after trying it out I shall transfer it to my portable usb so that I have it with me when I visit the library and other venues. Like my other portable software it will have it uses just when i need it.