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Are you looking for a cool avatar to set for your new online networking account? Or perhaps a mascot-ish icon for your website? If yes, then you need not look any further thanks to RoboHash – a web tool that helps generate unique robot icons.

create robot avatar

RoboHash is a free to use web tool that generates a unique and funny robot image for each piece of text. The text can include alphabets, numbers, and special characters. You can enter your name, your site’s name, or any text and have a unique robot image generated for you. The robot image can be saved using your browser’s “Save image” options; the image is downloaded in the PNG format.

Alternatively you can follow the URL that appears under the image; this URL is basically followed by the text you entered. Thus you could add any text to that URL prefix and obtain your unique robot image.


Check out RoboHash @


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