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RipOff Report is a web community where annoyed consumers can file ripoff reports against ‘evil’ companies. The Report RipOff can be a powerful weapon to get a company to make things right; once you’ve filed your report, the site advises you forward it to the company and let them know about it. If they respond positively, you can update your report to show that they were helpful in resolving the issue. If not, you can let your report stand as a warning to all others who might do business with that particular company.

Report RipOff Companies

Feature Overview:

  • File a ripoff report (incl. proof picture) against any company you want. Update the progress of your report as you’re working on resolving the issue.
  • Browse through over 280,000 reports filed by annoyed consumers against companies of all sizes over a variety of issues. Check out if the retailer you’re doing business with is reputable.
  • Top Rip-off Links: Browse top ripoff companies by name.
  • ‘Consumer Tips’ section: Learn about Protecting Your Identity, Telemarketing Fraud, Advance Fee Loans, Credit Service & Credit Card Offers, etc.
  • For companies: If someone files a report against you, you can file a rebuttal to explain your side of the story.

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