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Radical Image Optimization Tool is a photo optimization software that does not sacrifice on image quality. This lightweight utility app lets you load an image and convert it to an optimized version with a smaller file size that you can use for email attachments, blogs, or presentations.

photo optimization software

Once installed, optimizing images takes only a couple of clicks. First, open the image you want to optimize, then select the file format (choose from JPEG, GIF, and PNG), and then click save. Other very useful options include “Compress To Size” – which is very useful if blog editors prescribe a size limit for images, and batch processing.

RIOT is available as an installed exe or zipped standalone version. You can also install this as a plugin for the popular Irfanview IrfanView Blows Windows Viewer Out of the Water IrfanView Blows Windows Viewer Out of the Water Read More , allowing you to do some quick image manipulation before optimizing the image. For bloggers dealing with screenshots, this is a great minimalist alternative to other image editors.


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