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In certain situations, it is best to share a temporary phone number instead of your permanent one. For example, while placing an ad for a sale, you do not want people to keep calling you after the sale offer has expired. Thus it is best to share a temporary phone number on the ad. Here to help you get those temporary numbers is an iPhone app called RingShuffle.

disposable phone numbers

RingShuffle is available for free from iTunes. Sized at 2.4 MB, the app requires iOS version 3.0 or later to run. The function of the app is to provide you with a ‘shuffle’ phone number – a disposable phone number that is valid for 7 days. This number forwards all calls to your permanent phone number. By simply sharing your shuffle phone number you can control until when people are still able to call you. When your dealings are over you can simply reshuffle the number or wait for it to expire i.e. 7 days.



  • A user-friendly smartphone app.
  • Made for iOS devices.
  • Provides you with a temporary phone number.
  • Number redirects calls to your phone.
  • Temporary number is valid for 7 days.
  • Similar tool: Numbr.

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