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If you are looking for an online PBX solution for your business, then you should check this out. Ringio is a small business phone exchange system that provides more than what a traditional PBX system can offer. In addition to basic services like call routing, and caller ID, Ringio extends your phone support capabilities by displaying client information as you are talking to the client.

inbound call management

Setting up a Ringio account is easy. Like any web app you only need to sign up and download the app to start your calls. As you receive a call from a client to your lone Ringio number, you can read a script from the app including professional greetings, full name of the contact, priority level, the last person the caller spoke to, and team member availability. All these data are available to help execute a perfect customer experience.

inbound call management

Like any PBX system used by large companies, you do not have to sort through papers to get the right information for the client. The team can share their contacts, call history, status and more. The app can also work with the desktop app or on your smartphone. The Ringio app is especially useful since it allows you to redirect calls, review client contacts, deflect calls, and check client notes on the go. You do not need to use your desktop to please your customers.



Ringio currently offers a 30-day trial offer with multiple plans. Pricing ranges from 1 to 2 users $49 per month to 4 users for $99 per month. Special pricing is available for those buying more than ten accounts.


Ringio is a good app for companies who rely on telemarketing engagements to drive their sales. Even though Ringio is not free, it offers a decent pricing schemes with set of features you would not get anywhere else.


  • 30-day trial with various plans available
  • Call management in the cloud
  • Basic PBX features like smart call routing and call collab are included
  • Sync to Google CRM
  • Set-up toll-free and local numbers
  • Currently available in U.S. and Canada only
  • Take an online tour.

Check out Ringio @

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