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Do you work with FTP sites on a daily basis for work or fun?  If you don’t use FTP maybe you are an ImageShack junkie or a RapidShare addict?  Do you have to open up a FTP client or use Internet Explorer to log-in and upload files?

I sure do and I work with a lot of different FTP and HTTP image hosting sites Best Free Image Hosts (HotLinking allowed, No Bandwidth Limits...) Best Free Image Hosts (HotLinking allowed, No Bandwidth Limits...) Read More . I use them all day long everyday. I got fed up and went out looking for something to cut down on my clicks. Enter Rightload for Power FTP’ing and uploading to popular online file sharing services.

This 1.5MB download will have you FTP’ing left and right. Well more right then left especially if we are talking about how you use it. You right click on a file after installing Rightload and you will have a few new options. During the install process you will be greeted with a window asking you this:

windows explorer ftp access

Don’t be afraid, all this message is telling you is that you should be secure by saving your data to your personal profile directory that is not accessible by other users. This is a great idea seeming you are saving FTP usernames and passwords.

After installing Rightload you can go ahead and run it. On your initial run you will be greeted by an empty RightLoad window. You will need to configure your servers first.


windows explorer ftp client

Click “Tools” and then “Options” to set up your servers. You will get the following screen:

windows explorer ftp

After you fill out the required information, you will have successfully created your first FTP or HTTP server. Now when you select files in Windows Explorer and right click, you will see the option to upload to your configured server like so:


Using the “Upload to Custom Directory” you are prompted by another window asking you for the upload path:

The app also has a neat option if you are uploading image files.  It will prompt you if you want it to automagically create thumbnail images for you as well. This is another HUGE time saver. Most of the time when you use images on the web you also use a thumb nail.

ftp upload windows explorer

I clicked yes and then my progress meter took off…

rightload download

Getting the HTTP sites to work require an additional step. You need to download a xml file for the configuration. See the details from their homepage below:

These files contain pre-defined HTTP upload servers that you can add to Rightload without having to set their options manually. To import them, save the XML file to your computer with right-click -> “Save Link As…” and then use “Tools” -> “Import servers…” from your Rightload menu.

    Filehost — UPDATED: now with premium account support
  • WaffleImages
    Private Imagehost for
  • more…

Missing a site? Please post your requests in our forums!

Do you use something similar? Think this is awesome or a waste of time? Let us know in the comments!

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