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RideTheCity lets you find the safest and shortest bike route between any two points in New York City. Unlike other mapping applications such as MapQuest or Google Maps, RideTheCity only includes the roads that are meant for biking and tries to find a route that maximizes the use of bike lanes and greenways.

To find a safe bike routes in NYC first type your starting and finish points and then hit on the Enter button to get the safest route. Routes include detailed directions, total distance and travel time estimates. If you don’t know the exact address of route start/end points then simply drag-and-drop the bike icon through the map and RideTheCity will generate the route for you.

safe bike routes nyc


  • Finds safe bike route between any two points in New York City.
  • Get detailed route directions, total distance and travel time.
  • Excludes roads that are not meant for biking.
  • Get bike directions on your mobile phone via SMS.
  • Share safe bike routes with friends.
  • Bike routes for Chicago and Austin coming soon.
  • Free, no sign up needed.
  • Similar websites: Bikely.

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