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People often find it easier to learn things merely through the use of text and videos. RhymenLearn takes things to a new level, to the point where learning is made even more easier.

learn science maths

It is already a known fact that children can learn music lyrics faster than they can learn their science or math concepts. That is why RhymenLearn brings these concepts and notes into lyrics form by rapping them in a music video to further enhance the learning experience of children.

Just visit RhymenLearn and choose whether you want to learn about Science or Maths. Once done, find the lesson you are looking for, open it and play the video and start learning.


  • Free of charge – no account required.
  • Students stand a better chance of learning rap music than their notes.
  • Lyrics can be found at the side of the video if you just want to rote-learn.

Check out RhymenLearn @

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