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final fantasyA while ago, it was announced that Square Enix has released a beautiful new website to commemorate the Final Fantasy series’ 25th anniversary. It sounds tough to believe that it was way back in 1987 when the very first Final Fantasy game dropped for the NES. Since that release, the series hasn’t looked back.

One of the most successful and longest-running continuations in the history of video games, a simple introduction paragraph can’t do enough to express what a work of art and joy Final Fantasy has been for its fans, like myself. I won’t argue that quality dipped when Squaresoft merged into Square Enix, but the Final Fantasy brand is untouchable and at the top of the class for the RPG genre.

The Final Fantasy team has a long history of celebrating milestone anniversaries. For Final Fantasy’s 20 anniversary, the team remade several classics such as Final Fantasy’s I, II, and Tactics, and released them on the PSP. The DS got a remake of Final Fantasy IV. New games Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Final Fantasy Dissidia, a game that brings characters from all Final Fantasy games together in one, were also announced.

final fantasy

Let’s look into the many different parts of the website so you know what you can expect.

Series Biography

The series biography page lays out short summaries for each of the original 14 games in the Final Fantasy series.


final fantasy anniversary

This page is great for any inexperienced Final Fantasy player to browse along. You can really find an appreciation for the series itself and individual settings and characters by only reading over these few paragraphs.

Mognet Mail Delivery

The Mognet feature on the website comes with very few details, but from what it appears it seems to be a bit of blog-like system with plans to update on an every-other-day basis and reveal nostalgic details of particular Final Fantasy characters.

final fantasy anniversary

So far, there’s no telling what this feature of the website will bring.


The Discography section is the beefiest feature of the website. It’s put together very beautifully and, like the biographies, outlines each game in the mainstream series (which would not include Tactics, Mystic Quest, and so forth), as well as Theatrhythm, the new FF-based music game.

final fantasy anniversary

The Discography section is in Flash and looks very elegant. It’s more detailed than the biographies from before, and comes with screenshots and artwork for each game in the series.

final fantasy

Scrolling through the slides of this feature on the website is an amazing way to relive the entire series. This section was put together very nicely.

For some of us, the best may be yet to come. It’s a popular rumor that on the official date of the 25th anniversary, December 18th, the new Final Fantasy re-release for PC will finally be dropping. When that time comes, I’ll have an article ready for you that reviews that experience!

Which Final Fantasy game was your favorite? Let me know your opinion in the comments section!

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