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ReviewGist is an innovative research tool for consumer electronics that lets you find a thorough review for almost any gadget on the market. It collects expert sentiments from all over the web and presents them in an easy to grasp format. In addition to in-depth reviews and pros and cons list for each gadget it also provides a side-by-side comparison with similar products. So if you are planning to buy some electronic gadget and want to findout what experts have to say about and whether there are cheaper alternatives then go to ReviewGist.

ReviewGist - In-depth Reviews for Consumer Electronics


  • Get detailed review (incl. pros and cons) for desired electronic gadgets.
  • Compare similar gadgets side-by-side.
  • Reviews are collected from authority sources such as CNet, PCWorld, Dreview and others.
  • Search for items by name or browse products by categories.

Check out ReviewGist @ [via TechCrunch]

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