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ReviewBasics is a very flexible and powerful online feedback gathering platform. It allows anyone (artist, lawyer, webdesigner, etc.) to post their work online and invite others to collaborate, review and share their feedback.

    User Testimonial: “I’m sure any web designer will just simply fall in love with this service.”

Feedback Gathering Platform

ReviewBasics Features

  • Upload your content and invite others to review it.
  • Review and provide feedback on documents, images, and videos (you can even comment on specific frames).
  • Provides excellent feedback tools regardless of the content type (document, image, or video)
  • Supported content/files: Rich Text (.RTF), Word (.DOC), PowerPoint (.PPT), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), Flash Video (.FLV), images (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG) and more.
  • In addition to standard set of review tools, ReviewBasics also offers custom tools for: ‘Creative & Design’ Work, ‘Film and Video’ work, ‘Legal Documents’ work, and ‘Opinion Research’.
  • Try each of ReviewBasics tools here (no-login required)

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