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gdgtThere has recently been a new addition to the gadget websites. You might think there are enough gadget blogs and news sites already, but that is also exactly what the creators of gdgt thought. That is why they haven’t started a regular gadget news site, but more of a social network news site. They call it a social gadget platform.

I think it’s a very interesting concept that might have its followers in other subjects. The idea is that you can make a profile for yourself with all the unusual and cool gadgets you own. It feels good to collect them and see them nicely lined up. But it doesn’t stop there.

All of the gadgets on the site are added by users, making it a sort of “Wikipedia of gadgets”. It’s possible to start a discussion around a gadget and ask owners questions.

Another nice feature is that you can also note that you want a certain gadget or have owned one. This way you can impress everyone with your 1st generation Gameboy!

I will show you some of the parts of the site and tell you how to get started. If you won’t take my word for it or prefer watching a video over reading than listen to Veronica Belmont explaining.


Make your profile

Of course you start by signing up and making a profile. If you want to use gdgt as just a gadget database, than you don’t need a profile, but of course it’s more fun when you use all the features – and you get to show off your gadgets!

Start by signing up and filling your profile with some information about yourself and perhaps a nice avatar. Find tips for making avatars in this MakeUseOf article. Create Avatars Online Without Any Image Editing Create Avatars Online Without Any Image Editing Read More

Find some friends on the site or persuade some friends to join. As a start you can always befriend me of course.

Find and add your gadgets

You can add a list of all the unusual, cool gadgets you have, want or have had to your profile. This makes for a perfect way to get nostalgic over your Amiga console or Gameboy, but also for keeping track of that new SRL camera or Android phone.

You’re able to view reviews of a gadget or ask questions to owners. To find your gadgets go to the gadget finder and search on name, category or company.

unusual cool gadgets

If you can’t find the gadget you’re looking for, than just click add gadget to do just that. You can also add companies or tech terms to the database. This way gdgt could become the Wikipedia of gadgets.

Once you’ve made your list, a widget becomes available for you to share your list on your blog or facebook page. See a working example below.

Discuss, ask questions and read reviews

As with any community based website, the site is as good as its community. I haven’t seen growth or user numbers but I can tell there are already enough people around to have a question answered or have a discussion about your favorite camera. But it’s not really crowded yet.

Just go ahead and read some of the concerns of fellow gadget owners. Maybe you can help someone with a question or improve the database by correcting a specification. I really enjoy the way that it’s a central hub of reviews for items too. Users can add reviews from professional sites or write their own review. All in all this creates a great center for the true gadget geek. And I think we all have a little gadgetgeek inside of us.

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