Reveal What’s In Your Future With These Lord of The Rings Tarot Cards

Drawing inspiration from The Lord of The Rings movies, DeviantART user SceithAilm designed these unique 13 tarot cards. SceithAilm is still striving to complete the deck, which will consist of 21 cards. Unfortunately, he has no plans to make them commercially available as yet.

Do you reckon he should?

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Yes! They’re beautiful! Who knew the cast and events of LOTR would fit so well into a tarot deck? And did he really make Aragorn the Emperor look like Nicolas Cage or is my brain too Cagified?


Cindy M

Yes, they are gorgeous. Bit scary Golem is the Wheel of Fortune. There is an older version of the Lord of the Ring Tarot cards but these are more artistic in design.


Christine S

but wait, only seven cards? there is a whole 72 card deck for real, i have them.


Matt Smith

These are awesome, nice find



Yes, wonderful art.



Yes! Start a kickstarter now!


Paul M

The’d be GREAT to do commercially – IF he could get copyright clearance. Otherwise, someone is sure to sue.


I was thinking exactly the same thing… copyright… else lawsuit.


Catherine M

Beautiful artwork – now can we get back to what Make Use Of is known for – please!


Laura Rajsic-Lanier

The cards are gorgeous. If a Kickstarter goes up, please notify me. I’d love to support this.



These cards are gorgous and I definately think he should make the whole deck and sell the to the world. I collect cards like this as a hobby and I would love to have the whole deck and add it to my collection. He has done a great job on these and he should be proud of his work. I hope to see these for sale some day in the near future. =c)

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