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One of the worst parts of shopping is buyers remorse. When you buy something, it is natural to have second thoughts. Most stores have some kind of return policy, but they are all different and it can be hard to remember when you are able to make your return. returnGuru is designed with that in mind. They allow you to easily keep track of your purchases and be reminded before you get to the end of your return period.

reminder to return item

Basically, with returnGuru, you take a photo of your receipt, and it will keep track of them for you. Their database knows the return policy for many popular stores, so you don’t have to think about it. As of this writing, their notification service is not up and running, but you can upload your receipts to keep track of them manually. The service is in beta and it looks to be making some serious progress. They will notify all existing members when the notification service is up and running.


  • Upload receipts and keep track when you need to make your returns.
  • They know the length of return policy and will notify you when the end of the return period is approaching.
  • Store images of receipts so they are always accessible.
  • Easy to use uploader for your receipts.

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